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The Maui Bus public transit service consists of thirteen (13) bus routes, all operated by Roberts Hawaii. They are funded by the County of Maui and provide service in and between various Central, South, West, Haiku, Kula and Upcountry Maui communities. All of the routes are operated seven days a week, including all holidays.
Provide awareness for the Maui Bus App.
Promotional Content
Public transportation is an important part of any community; it can reflect the state of your city and the advancement of its' technology. In some places you can find 100% electric powered buses (Maui has one of them!) fully equipped with AC and comfortable seating. There are so many benefits that the bus provides to the daily commuter—whether you be a student or a worker, the bus is a reliable way to get to your destination.

Maui County's Department of Transportation approached us to help promote their new app that would allow commuters to view more information about the bus system including scheduling, alerts, and bus tracking.

Providing a safe and reliable space is the Maui Bus' main concern.
For this project, we chose to create a modern and clean motion graphic to bring a current look and to further help express the environment of their buses.

Research &

Before we started any of the animation, we wanted to take a look at the Maui Bus App to see how it navigates and how it looked. Incorporating the actual Maui Bus app was important because we were aiming to have the animation fit in the same theme.

It was also crucial to understand what the app offers and how users utilize the app. We went through the various routes the Maui Bus takes and made note of each stop. It was important for the animations to follow the same path the buses drive through.

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