Maui Coffee Attic


Maui Coffee Attic is a family-owned small coffee shop in Wailuku, Maui.
Project a family environment where people can enjoy coffee and live musical entertainment.
Promotional Content
The Maui Coffee Attic has been in business since 2015. They provide great coffee, tasty food, and relaxing live music all in a soothing, family setting. You can find guitars and ukuleles hanging on the walls for people to give them a strum, as well as a few vintage and interesting items waiting to be discovered throughout the space. Downstairs, there is a stage where musicians and shows may perform; upstairs is the main part of the shop, the "Attic".

I have met and conversed with Maui Coffee Attic's owner John Henry through his son, but connected with photography. John is a professional photographer and we often discussed videos and photos. He always wanted a nice visual for the shop and really wanted to showcase the relaxing mood the coffee store encapsulates. His wife Gwen also wanted a new design to put on hats, shirts, and stickers.

For this project, we wanted to sate the audience's taste-buds as much as we could, while still using the atmosphere of the shop as a pulling point.


John wanted to capture the essence of a local Wailuku coffee shop. They wanted to host a place where people can have friendly conversations, drink good coffee, and listen to music with their family. Honestly the whole mood could be described in their name, Maui Coffee Attic.

We planned to capture the shop in its' daily manner, with customers enjoying the shows and the employees serving up drinks.


The shoot took roughly 2 hours altogether. It was shot on a Canon C500 paired with an Odyssey 7Q+. The promos were filmed at 4K Half Raw but were aimed for a 1080p delivery. This way we can adjust the framing in our editing phase. The lighting was a mix of natural light along with 2 LED lights to support a softer, warmer mood.

We had a lot of fun on the shoot. Scattering coffee beans and pouring liquids was oddly satisfying. We wanted to shoot macro to fully emphasize the texture and color of the menu items. Nothing gets you hungrier than the beautiful imagery of food. Well, that and starving of course.

Post Production

90 seconds is a lot of time to express an idea. However, it is also a challenge to find out what goes into those 90 seconds. After the shoot we still keep in close contact to make sure the story we are telling is the story that Maui Coffee Attic wants to tell. We go through a couple of revisions to ensure the film embodies the spirit of the shop.

Another important aspect to the imagery is the music. We found an impressive musician who was willing to share his track for the video. HOHYUN(호현) is an amazing artist and his track A.E.I.O.U. was perfect for the mood.

You can listen to more of his music here:


The Henry's wanted a modern design that had the versatility to go on different forms of merchandise. Scalability was important. Type was important. Identifiability was important.

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