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Hawaii's #1 Hip-hop Event

The Melting Pot is a non-stop, three-day event hosted by Hawaii's premier breakdancing crew The 808 Breakers. Crews from Europe, Asia, and North America come together to compete and vibe with other dancers/artists. When the competition is done, it's time to come together and enjoy what Hawaii has to offer with beach parties, hikes, karaoke, and much more.
Document the entire Melting Pot experience and expose it to the world.
Brand Storytelling & Documentation
Social Media Content
Digital and Printed Marketing Assets

The 808 Breakers aren't just a dance crew, they are a family. Scattered across the nation and even the world, they host a hip-hop event where all the members get back together and vibe out for a crazy weekend in Hawaii.

Our mission was to help The Melting Pot become THE Hawaii Hip-hop event. We wanted to invite the community to have a good time, while also marketing to dancers that this event was a way to prove yourself amongst the Hawaiian islands' illest dancers.

For this project, we had to find a way to market to a new audience, while still building on their current following. We wanted to create a pathway that attracts the general public while still reminding the OGs that this event was made for them.
We needed to show who the 808 Breakers are and what people could expect attending Hawaii's freshest breakin' event.


We were tasked with capturing every moment of the event–from morning to night, we recorded them setting up and getting ready to the breakdown and party. We wanted to show what Hawaii has to offer for dancers coming to vibe out.

We also wanted to capture the spirit of the 808 Breakers and how important it was for them to throw this event.


The 808 Breakers wanted to target not only dancers but the general public as well. We created different types of media that would cater to each demographic. An event that's for tough competitors as well as people looking for a fun event.

The flyers were for the public, while the social media assets were aimed at the dancers who wanted to compete.


The Melting Pot 2017 Event video has the most watched organic views of all the 808 Breakers videos.

- 270% more views than their previous Most Watched video in 2017.

- Kept a 25% audience viewership retention.

- 90% attendee retention for 3 years


To bring out each member's individuality, we decided to create content highlighting their personalities and antics–not just their skills and styles; this way people can get to know the crew hosting the event.

Personally, it was a blast working with all the members of the 808 Breakers. They embody the aloha spirit in every sense and are just as close as any family.

"... [We have] so much love and appreciation for Austin... The story of The Melting Pot was revealed in an epic and beautiful way, different than any other event around."
- Jeff Wong, The 808 Breakers

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